The True MagStaff

The MagStaff was born in 2011 from artistic collaboration and prop experimentation between Jesse Dovick and Burns the Dragon. The initial interest that came from combining balancing and flow props with that of a strong magnet, to allow breaks in the movements. Over the years, the prototype mutated and changed though hours and hours of rigorous play-testing. Many MagStaffs were broken before the right combination of materials came together to create the prop we have here today. Having auditioned for Dragon’s Den, but not making it before the Dragons, the innovator turned to the festival and juggling circuit, where this fresh take on a number of old ideas, has captured the imagination of many a flow artist.


  • Each staff has two 3/4″ Neodymium N45 Magnets
  • 3D printed Bumpers and Capps
  • LED versions available SOON!
  • 7 Colours to choose from

MagFlow Toys can custom print or replace parts as required from general wear and tear


The 3D printed MagStaff braces will keep your staff halves safe and secure while transporting them. We recommend a second set be ordered with the staff, just in case you’re a little too rough when setting up your show


PRICE: $5 (pair)