Magnetech Poi

These brand new Magnetech Poi palm-grips are a move in a new direction, combining magnetism and LEDs in one poi accessory. These handles have been designed, iterated, refined and tested rigorously for over a year with countless variations to hone in on design perfection.

The magnet within the palm grip chassis is so strong, you can combine your poi together into a puppyhammer/poi hybrid, opening up new combinations and freedom of expression that were previously unavailable. Endless new combos to explore!

The product is available at two price points. $75 for the basic unit, and $135 with included Ultrapoi Dot.XL,


  • 3D printed from flexible filament with a comfortable textured surface
  • Incredibly strong 3/4″ 1/8″ thick neodymium rare earth magnets
  • Transform your poi into a hybrid puppy hammer smoothly and seamlessly
  • Can include a rechargeable Dot.XL from Ultrapoi (while supplies last)
  • Weights 38g each, 44g with swivel, Dot.XL chip adds 4g
  • Completely self serviceable
  • Can be configured in swivel or non-swivel from the same chassis

The magnets within the grips are INCREDIBLY STRONG. There is a pinching hazard, and I do not recommend storing your grips near any electronic device with a data drive (phone, computer). I also don’t recommend putting them near your wallet, as your cards may have the magstrip wiped. The best way to store them is to keep them magnetized together.Have fun, and just be mindful of where you keep them