The LED MagStaff

The LED MagStaff is our newest product and a natural progression from the Original MagStaff created by Josh Burns (AKA Burns The Dragon) and Jesse Dovick, with combined efforts from Shwifty Props and Flow Forge Creations. The staff is designed to hold itself straight, disconnect from one end, fold over the hand, and reconnect, ratcheting again and again. This is a prop for all ages and skill levels. The potential is limitless!

This new Mag Flow Toys product is the culmination of over seven years worth of testing, breaking, rebuilding, and most of all ENJOYING the unique features of this incredible new magnetic flow toy!


  • 3D printed from flexible filament with a comfortable textured surface
  • Incredibly strong N52 neodymium rare earth magnets
  • Micro USB charging slot – fully charged in LESS than THIRTY (30) MINUTES!
  • 2 strips of 16 LEDs (32 per staff) allow you to create countless color combinations with multiple

pre-programmed scenes

  • Fully compatible with many of our other fine magnetic products!