The Dragon Staff

Created from the flow-state of meticulous design intention, forged by cutting edge 3D printing technology found no where else. The result of 2 years of blood, sweat, and scales (also known as research and development). Are you ready to take flight with a new set of wings?

Where other Dragon’s may bend or break from your taming, these flexible Polyurethane Dragon Disks have been dubbed “Festival Proof” by early adopters, through smash tests and more abuse than I’d feel comfortable bringing other Dragons through.

That was the design intention, to create a Dragon Disk that leads The Weyr in durability and freedom of creative expression. When you experience the flight of these Dragons, you’ll say to yourself, I can’t believe these are 3D printed.


  • 3D print smithed from nothing into anything you can imagine
  • Incredible durability and impact resistance
  • Easy installation to any staff with our coupler system
  • Universal Friction-fit on any make of staff from 51mm (2″) to 12mm (1/2″)
  • Intended for modular design. Future roll-outs will always be backwards compatible
  • Sustainable design and manufacturing. All products are forged to order
  • Available in mulitple colours: White, Black, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, and UC reactive

Choose your dragon to take flight with, or contact us to conjure your own design from the infinite possibility of your imagination!

METATRONS DRAGON: 277 grams per disc (26.5cm / ~10.4in diameter)

DRAGON OF LIFE: 280 grams per disc (26cm / ~10.2in diameter)

NOTE: Currently the staff (the stick) and the LED systems are not included and are for illustrative purposes


  • Compatibility with existing LED systems as a modular attachment (coming soon!)
  • FLOW FORGE Creations LED system (In Development)